Praise Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. Building

Praise Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. was established more than 55 years ago by our late founder and Pastor, Marie D. Battle. She was filled with the Holy Ghost in 1953 and was anointed to preach the gospel. She longed to please God and evangelized in many parts of North Carolina and along the east coast. Her ministry reached out to many souls, including those in prisons and orphanages. In 1961, she was baptized in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1965, God called her to pastor this church. She started a mission called the Rock of Ages in a shack in the woods of the Rhamkatte community. In 1967, she moved to Water Works Hill, off South Wilmington Street. At this location, God gave her the name of the church, Praise Temple. In 1971, she moved to 924 South Blount Street, where God blessed with two members, and the church became affiliated with the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International, Inc.

In 1974, the church moved to 413 South Bloodworth Street, where twelve members were added. In 1978, God blessed her with a spacious building of 5500 sq. ft. at 501 East Lane Street, consisting of a main auditorium and 14 other rooms. Pastor Battle labored diligently to lay the foundation for the growth of this ministry. She never wrote a vision or mission statement for the church. However, her vision was not to see the material development of buildings and land but to see a people developed in Christ.

After thirty-six years of laboring in the vineyard, the Lord took our pastor home on Mother’s Day 2001. Although pastor Battle has gone home, her legacy lives on. The mantle has been passed to Pastor Vernon L. Spinks. Pastor Spinks is deeply indebted to the training he has received through Pastor Battle, and he is reaping the harvest from the labor of this woman of God. Pastor Spinks is building on the strength of our founder in worship, holiness, the Apostolic doctrine, love, fellowship, hospitality, and spiritual development. He will continue to point others to the Savior she knew so well and loved and the gospel she preached from the depths of her heart.

Under the leadership of Pastor Vernon Spinks, much growth has taken place, and much of the church administration has been established. God used Pastor Spinks to plant and establish another church in Woodford, Virginia. Praise Temple Apostolic Faith Church VA, where Elder Terrence S. Brown is the Pastor.

On August 10, 2008, Praise Temple relocated and purchased the property at 1426 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27604, a space of 11,800 sq. ft., where we continued to be a refuge for people who are lost and seeking direction for their souls. In June 2020, the Lord blessed the church to purchase another facility at 131 Guy Road, Clayton, NC 27520, having 22,500 sq. ft. We are devoted and committed to our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves us and gave himself for us.

Praise Temple History